The "Feed The Waze" project's Feed Reporter level granted rights for reporting new events to the Waze's system


If You pushing the "Report Road Events" button, You will landing in a page, segmented in 2 pieces:

The upper part contains a LiveMap, where You can find the actual events, and You can select a point for new event (if You click on the map, the coordinates and the street name will paste to the form's proper fields. )

In the lower part of the screen is the form for the main parameters:

    • longitude and latitude (possible to paste them from the map)
    • street name (possible to paste them from the map)
    • Type of the event
    • Direction of the event
    • Severity of the event
    • Start and expected end time of the event (Could be typed manually or selected by clicking on the calendar icon. The default values are today 0:00 (start time ), tomorrow 23:59 (expected end time)
    • Description of the event (Important: must be succinct, 'cause the client limitations)
    • Internal note for the Feed Managers for easier understanding
    • Uploader's name

    • Buttons:
    • Send: The event will be sent to the Feed Manager for approving. If it is approved, it will appear in the Waze's system.
    • Reset:Clearing the form
    • Help: This post